How to Dominate the search results

What is the secret to dominating the search results? How can you dominate the search results through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Before you can dominate the results you must first understand what SEO does.

sierra-echo-oscar’s POV on SEO can be summed up in a simple piece of logic that goes like this:

  • The goal of SEO is to bring targeted search engine visitors to a website and ideally convert them to take some action.
  • The goal of the searcher is have their problems solved, needs filled, or questions answered.
  • The goal of the search engine is to show the best, most relevant website to their users — the searchers.

The sites that should dominate the search results are those that best solve the searcher’s problem, fill their needs or provide them with the relevant information they are seeking.

How are you going to best solve the searcher’s problem, fill their needs or provide them with the relevant information they are seeking?

With good relevant content on the page.

Not just content, but relevant content. Repeat after me – “it’s all about having relevant content on the page”.  Quite simple isn’t it? There lies the secret to dominating the search results.

Provide the searcher with relevant content to best solve their problem, fill their needs or provide them with the relevant information they are seeking. Do this and you will dominate the search results.

Isn’t this the reason why you choose a site when you are searching? You look at the description and if it looks like it will suit your needs you click on the title tag and go to the site.  You clicked on the result because the content on the site appealed to you and the site appears to solve a problem, fill a need or provide information. 

You didn’t check to see if they had the right keyword tags.  As a matter of fact – forget about adding more “keyword tags” they will NOT help you dominate the search results.  Only good relevant content on the page can accomplish this.  If you don’t have good relevant content on your page, nothing is going to help you improve your ranking on the search engines.  You just can’t add keywords in the head tag and expect to rank well for them.  Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way.

Search engines look for sufficient relevant textual content on a page in order to serve the page up for a search result.

Where to place your keywords to dominate the search results

For example, let’s say you want to rank well for “dominate the search results”.

Basically how a search engine reads a page is it looks first in the title tag of the page to see if the keyword phrase dominate the search results is there. Then it looks for a description tag and looks to see if it contains the phrase – dominate the search results. Finally, it looks for the words “dominate the search results” on the page itself in the text in at least two or three spots. A good SEO foundation is built on having the keyword phrase dominating the search results in all of these places.

If you weave your keywords into your content in a way that doesn’t come across as spammy then you will fulfill the searchers’ needs.  By the way, my example above is dangerously teetering on the spammy side. I would not recommend ever writing like this, I only did this as an extreme example. Give the people coming to your site good relevant content and you will fill their need for information.

Writing good relevant copy is challenging but it is what is absolutely necessary to dominate the search results.

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