Mike Allan.com Returns

MikeAllan.com returns … sounds a bit like “Batman Returns”. I’m no Dark Knight though, just a simple blogger who is returning to the roots of blogging. Some of you may remember me as newmediaMike. newmediaMike is still my online persona, returnsmy blog at newmediamike.com┬áis in a “coma”. The SQL database for newmediaMike is full and I am unable to export it to a new larger database. So if you or anyone you know has the knowledge to assist me I would greatly appreciate it so I can get newmediaMike.com back up and running.

But that’s not the only reason I am returning to blogging as MikeAllan.com. newmediaMike was my search marketing expert blog where I blogged about search marketing. My life today is more than search marketing; today my life is full and rich with a variety of experiences other than work.

I’ve decided to make mikeallan.com my personal blog of thoughts, ideas, experiences, ups, downs and curves of life. I’ll be staying away from technology and marketing topics as much as possible as that is what newmediamike.com is for. Instead, I’ll be sharing my opinions on everything from politics, commuting on the TTC, news, cars (one of my favourite subjects!) and travelling. Some posts will be off the cuff as I will be using the WordPress Mobile app, and some will be from the a list of blog posts I’ve wanted to publish for some time now that I am sure will be entertaining, informative and amusing.

Since I am still a search marketing expert, I won’t be able to completely leave search marketing out of the mix, so there will also be a few cross domain experiments with re-posting content from newmediaMike to this blog. I may even throw in a couple of video blogs. As the tagline for this blog says, “A little from column A and a little from column B”.


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