Rob Ford Claims He Could Have Won Election

rob_fordJohn Tory says former Mayor Rob Ford’s claim he could have won the election is like saying the Leafs would win Cup if they had extra players & time.

What a great analogy.

Rob Ford claims he could have won the election is like … saying the dinosaurs would still be around if they had dodged the asteroid.

Rob Ford claims he could have won the election is like … saying the Titanic would still be around if it had missed that iceberg.

Rob Ford claims he could have won the election is like … well you get the gist. Rob Ford’s claim he would have won the election is bullshit.

Rob Ford – Twisting words to suit his own needs

“I didn’t lose to him,” Ford said in a radio interview this week. Ford is a master manipulator of words. Technically, he didn’t lose the election to Tory as Ford decided to opt out of the race before it was over. He conceded the race but didn’t lose it. If you quit, you can’t really lose. He conceded because of his health issue which also came to the surface just as another crack cocaine video was coming to the surface.

Even if he had stuck around, the chances of his winning the election were not good. He saw that and him and his family played out the chess game of who’s running where.

Oh, oh, wait I came up with one more! Rob Ford claims he could have won the election is like … saying he saved us a billion dollars.

Just because you say it doesn’t make it the truth. Ford never was good at the truth. Remember Ford denying smoking crack?  He claims it was because the media didn’t ask the right questions. It will be interesting to see what happens when Ford has to testify at Sandro Lisi’s upcoming extortion trial. Will he be able to tell the truth under oath or will he obfuscate it like he did during his conflict of interest trial? Unfortunately we are stuck with this clown and his three ring circus.


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